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Strategy Assessment

In order to take a step further in the market and strengthen our brand, we conduct regular reviews on our codes, value and business operation to tackle any abrupt needs. The financial and operational performance is expected to be enhanced, such that our stakeholders would eventually be benefited. Our company commits our clients to diverse proposals of Security and Guarding Services, together with implementations of promoting market development.

HRM Strategies

Recruitment and Selection

We wish to invite qualified personnel through recruitment and selection, with the expectation to contribute significantly towards the company's productivity through effective talent management. We made our principle clear with regards to refuse discrimination against applicant's nationality, race, colour, marital status, parental status, pregnancy, sex, age and religion, etc. Our policy stipulates fair and equal; conforms to statutory regulations and best practice.
Training and Development

On-the-job training is crucial in the guarding services sector. Therefore, Underwriter Security Limited always put a huge focus on staff development and assigned six managers to acquire the TTT (Train the Trainer; Part 1 & 2) Certification in 2017.

Training and continuing education help with better career development, which is also expected to increase productivity and job satisfaction, reduce absenteeism as well as stabilise the turnover rate. Our co-operative company offers mandatory QAS courses for basic security guard training, as well as other relevant programmes. Upon completion, a comprehensive evaluation and analysis will be received, which will clarify our employees’ needs towards different training and development.

Reward and Appraisal

With the goal to increase employees' initiatives, Underwriter Security Limited carried out a STAR program to acknowledge their contributions with encouragement and appreciation. It is assumed that giving objective and meaningful appraisals is one of the most important tools to boost employees’ motivation, which allows them to understand their work performance and receive appropriate support, such that clients, employees and the company will all be benefited.
Employee Relations

Employee Relations Department serves as a bridge between employees and the company, with the purpose to create a positive and lively workplace. It is anticipated that when discrepancies occurred, the voice of every employee would be heard by the management adequately at the earliest, allowing employees to focus on continuing service excellence.